New Style by Textile Elizabeth and James

Here is a style that I can relate to. Not the flared part, but the slit. Textile Elizabeth and James have come out with a new style called the “Stewart” jeans. These have a flare with a frayed bottom and a long side slit. I myself have been doing this to my jeans quite a bit after noticing an awkward fit at my ankles sometimes. I do like this concept, but I know it is not for everyone. Especially when you are splurging on a great pair and are scared of destroying them.

I think these are a great style for the summer, in not just the wash but also the cut. I do think they are more sandal jeans than heel jeans. They have a bit more of a casual feel because of the slit. How many of you are a fan of these? You can click here to purchase these jeans at ShopBop for $175.