Naked & Famous releases Glow-in-the-Dark jeans

Although Diesel released Glow-in-the-dark jeans in 2009, Naked & Famous is releasing a jean where the entire jean actually glows! The jeans are certainly a novelty, the brand did not skimp on quality. Cut from Japanese selvedge denim, they’re coated with a phosphorescent which glows lime green and won’t fade with washes. They will be available for purchase at Barney’s New York in July. What do you think? Would you wear these jeans?

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  1. Maybe if you’re going to a rave or one of those glow in the dark parties but I don’t go to those things so I dont know. Perhaps if you’re a big fan of the Hulk or Green Lantern. It could be weird it could be kooky and cool, maybe its ridiculous, Id wait to see it on someone else before I decided to be that bold.

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