LOOK BOOK: Lucky Brand Fall 2011

Here is the brand new Fall 2011 Look Book from Lucky Brand. They have a lot of new styles and fits to choose from but they are keeping their classic look. How many of you are a fan of Lucky Brand? You can see their new looks in the gallery below. I do quite like some of the bright blue washes. You can see more styles on their website here.


  1. Lucky Brand Jeans.. Are Garbage!! I purchased a pair of lucky brand jeans from a well known retailer (BELK) and the outside seem split open in 2 weeks. So I called the Lucky Brand custom service number and let the lady know what happened. She then asked if I purchased them from “Lucky Brand” I replied no and told her where (BELK). She then told me there was nothing that Lucky Brand could do because I purchased the jeans from Belk. She then stated that “they” the jeans are made different at Belk. So I replied why put your name on a product if your not going to stand by it? She stated that some of the jeans are made in the U.S. and some are made in other countries????!!! That really pissed me off. Reason being the leather tag states “LUCKY BRAND BLUE JEANS OF AMERICA” HA are you kidding me??!! I do not want anything from LUCKY BRAND. No apology! No refund! No gift certificates! Nothing!!! I just want people to know how they treat customers. ***Also note: the other 3 jeans I purchased with them went to the trash as well!!***

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