Kanye West in Balmain Homme

Kanye West made an appearance at the CFDA Awards earlier this week. He was there to present the International Designer award to Celine’s Pheobe Philo. Pheobe well deserves this award. She has done an amazing job at the fashion house. Remember Kanye at Coachella.

Leave it to Kanye to push the boundaries and attend an awards ceremony in some jeans. He chose his favorite pair of jeans, his Balmain Homme distressed jeans. I remember the days when celebrities would not wear one item of clothing more than once. I’m glad that, that has changed. That is one thing that irks me. If you spend so much on an item. Why not put it to some use? There is no such thing as a dull day when it comes to choosing what to wear and working with what you have.


  1. Is this a new trend for men? I’ve seen male models in such fashion collections like Ralph Lauren wearin suede shoes with some sort of emblem or adornment. It looks cool, but could be considered a little effeminate or even elitist in certain colors or with a different outfit. Kanye wears them well here with an understated blazer, tee, and jeans outfit. Really love those jeans! He could stand to lose a bracelet or two. Any thoughts on the current suede loafer kick (hehe..) in menswear?

  2. I can’t say I am a huge fan of it, I find it can look ok with skinny jeans which are roughly rolled up at the hems or chinos rolled up to make it look super casual though 🙂