Josh Duhamel in Sinclair Denim

Josh Duhamel was spotted catching a flight out of JFK Airport with wife Fergie in New York. Josh wore a pair of Sinclair Theil jeans in Tsunami while wife Fergie stuck to a head to toe beige look. I cannot stop staring at Fegie’s look here. It is very out there being that it is very brown/beige.

The Black Eyed Peas have recently announced that they are taking a break from music for now. Not to sound harsh, but I am happy to hear this. Their music has not been its best in a while and I hope when they come back, their style will be back to the way they first started out or at least the way it was during Elephunk.

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  1. What does she see in that man-boy? He cheats, his head is huge, not so smart, can’t act, dresses like he’s homeless, and his nude pics prove he has a tiny p3n!s. Fergie you can do much beter and you deserve much better!