Fergie in Balmain

Fergie was spotted going to her car outside her hotel in Paris, France. She wore her favorite white Balmain jeans again. I wonder if she will be caught in some more pairs from the fashion house. I want to see her in a colored pair. Not the reds, pinks specifically, but the regular colored denim and faded blacks.

I do think that she did a great color pairing with these jeans. I find that the neon works with the jeans because they are white. I think if they were any other color it would look like there is too much going on. I cannot wait for the lower price Balmain line to come out. I just hope they have zipper jeans like the style they have featured often on the runway, the style of these faded black pair specifically in more washes. I think my denim collection would be complete. Ha! Who am I kidding? No one’s denim collection could be complete.