Erin Heatherton in J Brand

Erin Heatherton was caught at her home state throwing the first pitch the Chicago Cubs game late last month. She wore a pair of the J Brand 912 in Osaka. I am absolutely in love with this wash. I don’t know what it is, but many brands are just knocking out so many amazing blue washes right now.

I wish the 912’s would have a similar fit on me as they do on Erin. They just fit her so perfectly. Having a model stature definitely has it’s perks sometimes. Though I am not short, I just wear my pants low so they bunch a bit too much on me at the ankles. You can click here to purchase J Brand Jeans at Singer22.


  1. While I do love this wash, I can’t say Im a fan of the “model-figure,” far too stick like for me.

  2. Nice jeans,i love it! The girl is just like “The nightmare before Christmas”! Oh my gosh…

  3. Skinny model + skinny jeans = perfect combo.

    On the other hand…

    Kim Kardashian + any pair of jeans = major eyesore.