DenimBlog Exclusive: Interview With Bleulab

We caught up with the co-designer and co-founder of Bleulab denim, Carl Jones, to ask some interesting questions about how Bleulab jeans work as reversible jeans and what’s up next for the brand. The concept of the brand fascinated me and I was very excited to receive a pair in the mail last week. I will be reviewing them next week for you but I’m not going to give anything away yet! Carry on reading to find out more about the brand. You can buy Bleulab jeans at

DB: So how did you come up with the name Bleulab?

CJ: While traveling, I discovered an unusual piece of fabric that had a double face. This inspired me to experiment with different washes to see how each side reacted, hence the name Bleulab, Bleu as in denim and Lab as in experimental.

DB: Why did you decide to create a denim brand?

CJ: Denim and other types of bottoms is what I do. It was a very natural thought process to imagine that I could create a reversible collection from the piece of fabric I had discovered.

DB: So tell us more about Bleulab for our readers who are not familiar about the jeans.

CJ: Bleulab product is much more and has more personality than a basic pair of jeans. In addition to being completely reversible, with contrasting sides, the collection also presenst a constant metamorphosis of color, washes, prints and other interesting surfaces and textures.

DB: Why did you decide to create a reversible jean?

CJ: Why not?

DB: Was it as complicated as it sounds?

CJ: It was a year or so of constant testing, washing, fitting, hardware development, sewing development, and production development. It was a very challenging experience.

DB: How does each wash, on the inside and outside, complement each other?

CJ: I would not describe it as complimentary, but rather a display of juxtaposition.

DB: What is your best seller so far?

CJ: The basic legging in blue/black and grey/black. They are fantastic go to wardrobe elements and so comfortable for travel.

DB: Do you have a favourite jean you have designed?

CJ: I have a host of favorites, but what I love is the challenge from season to season to develop new ways to wash, print and color my fabrics.

DB: Tell us more about your history with denim.

CJ: I have been a bottoms developer and manufacturer since 1990.

DB: What new surprises can we expect from Bleulab?

CL: We have developed a new technology called laser etching. It is done with a laser machine that uploads artwork and etches it onto the jeans.

Written by Lorna Burford