Denim Review: MiH Breathless skinny jeans in Pinetop

This weeks review is on a brand I haven’t reviewed before but am definitely quite fond of, MiH Jeans! I’m wearing the Breathless skinny jeans in Pinetop wash which I received from MiH in the mail last week. So many celebs are fans of the brand now and we are often seeing Elle MacPherson, Claudia Schiffer and Sarah Jessica Parker in MiH Jeans!

These do run quite small in comparison to other MiH Jeans, definitely take a size up. I was told this by MiH themselves and I am glad I listened to the advice. I am always a 27 in MiH but I took a 28 in these and they are still quite tight and fitted. The fabric blend is quite stiff and not as stretchy as other jeans so this is the reason you need to size up. They do take a while to break in the stiffness but once you get there, it’s definitely worth it! They are soft on the skin and I remember MiH saying to me that none of their styles have polyester in so that is really good news to me!

The fit of these is classic, it’s a low rise skinny jean with a very slim fit all the way down. The ankle area is not super peg skinny like some jeans but it’s also not the loose fit like others can be. It’s a perfect in between amount. I’m definitely a huge fan of MiH skinny jeans! I also own the Paris cut and those are just as cute when worn cropped.

The thing that makes me like MiH the most is their different back pockets. Most back pockets on jeans go into a point which is the standard pocket shape, but MiH jeans have a more square cut to them. The bottoms of the pockets are straight and I find this to be so flattering on the butt. I was very unsure if it would be at first, I’m always skeptical about trying new styles when I know what works for me, but these suprised me in a good way. If you have any concerns about trying the brand then the skinny fits are definitely the first ones to try. Their flared jeans are cut differently with the back pockets so I would definitely recommend the skinnies first to get a good feel for the brand. I think I can safely say you wont be disappointed.

I do find the back rise on these jeans to be quite low so if you do have a bigger butt make sure you wear longer tops otherwise you will get the ‘builders butt’ syndrome, but the low rise is definitely not a bad thing. I always actually prefer lower rises because I find them a lot more flattering to my shape. Higher rises are generally a no go area for me. They make me look a lot shorter than I actually am.

The first thing that attracted me to these jeans was the Pinetop wash. I think it’s really pretty, it’s a classic mid blue with a lot of character to it. Even though it’s quite plain, it’s still one of those really nice washes. I decided to go with a more neutral outfit for these jeans as they are so subtle, it shows them off a bit better than it would if I dressed up a lot. Out of all the MiH washes on their website, these definitely are my favourite! I think Pinetop is really pretty!

The little details on MiH Jeans is always something that has attracted me to the brand as well. I love the dove they use as their logo, especially the different colours it’s stitched in on the back pockets. This particular pair has a red dove. The pocket linings are also pretty with prints and writing on them and their button has a dove on it as well. I’m always intrigued by the little detailing and aesthetics of jeans, they add so much to the brand and individual pairs. I’m also fond of the brand as it’s English, it’s hard to find English premium denim brands now. You can buy these jeans online at MiH Jeans in the sale for ┬ú133 and you can see some of the new styles which will be available soon from the photos I took at their studios here.

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  1. I love these jeans, I will totally check out this brand. Where did you get your shoes? They are gorgeous!

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