Denim Review: Hudson Blue Hampton Cuffed Short Shorts

This weeks review is on a brand that I haven’t really tried that much in the past, Hudson. I’m reviewing their Blue Hampton Cuffed short shorts. They sent these to me in the mail last week and I was excited to be reviewing a pair of shorts as I usually do jeans. Doing denim reviews has actually become one of my favourite things to do. After being obsessed with jeans for over 6 years now and being able to try out a huge selection of brands and fits, I’ve really gotten to know what works for myself and what doesn’t, so I’m glad my reviews can help all of you out there who love denim like I do.

I wanted to start out with the colour, it’s a cross between turquoise and aqua and I love it. I’ve always been a huge fan of bright colours, especially coloured denim so I do like this wash a lot. It’s fun to pair brights with more subtle and neutral tones so the colours become the focal point. Blue is a pretty easy colour to match things with as well.

The fit of these shorts is different to what I am used to as well, they have a medium rise which feels like it’s a little on the higher side, I do prefer them lower but since I wear longer tops it’s not noticeable. The inseam is of a good length, even though they are short shorts they are not too short. I like the way the hems are cuffed and I’m always a fan of the pocket bags slightly showing through, it gives them a more casual appearance. Since this is pretty much my first time trying Hudson, I never had any expectations to begin with actually, so I can’t state whether or not the imagination lived up to the reality. I do find the pockets do make my butt look a little flat, however I am unsure if that’s because they are shorts, I know shorts can sometimes do that to my behind, depending on the cut and brand.

I do like the little details on the jeans too, like how they have the British flag on the back pocket. Being British myself, it’s strange actually seeing our flag on something, especially denim, it’s a nice touch though. I know Hudson’s signature is the deeply pointed flap pocket and I have always thought it looked good on the jeans. My opinion of that hasn’t changed either.

Overall, the one thing that sways me towards these shorts is definitely the wash, I love the bright blue and it’s what makes these shorts wearable and fun in my opinion! Buy these shorts at Revolve for $143.

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  1. I took a 28 in them and they fit well and I am between a 27/28, I would say they were true to size but I am not 100% sure how true to size they are in comparison to other Hudson jeans 🙂

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