Rock & Republic heads to Kohl’s

Rock & Republic was recently acquired by VF corporation who now owns the rights to the brand. VF corporation recently announced an exclusive agreement which will bring Rock & Republic to Kohl’s department stores. The deal is thought to be part of Kohl’s plan to establish more exclusive brands and labels for their stores. Kohl’s President Kevin Mansell stated, “We’re really excited about it. We think it’s something we needed.”

While, in the past, Rock & Republic jeans have sold for upwards of $200, the line at Kohl’s will have a much lower price point, anticipated to sell in the range of $39-49, which is typical for the department store. They will also be produced and supplied by VF corporation’s factories in North Carolina. The line will appear in Spring 2012 and feature men’s and women’s styles in footwear, denim and shirts and may eventually expand to kid’s wear and home accessories.



  1. I agree Lorna, I think the brand is going to be completely different just be using the same name/logo.

  2. I think now, the previous R&R fans will no longer go to the brand so they would have been better off going with a different name and re inventing it completely.

  3. R&R was already dead as a result of the financial problems. This just adds to that decaying scent they reek of…

  4. this is horrible.. i love R&R Jeans
    but now that i read about selling at kohls its pretty much over for me
    i used to be proud wearing my RR jeans to places but now its like
    another LEVIS jeans..
    time to switch to TRUE OR JOE
    i hope the material will be diff at kohls tho..

  5. The brand will limp on as a Jocelyn Smith kind of brand.
    Cheap. Whatever-type of clothing for the masses that lacks a unique style point of view.

  6. i was recently at kohls and saw mens RR jeans there and was in shock. it was priced at about $80. i didnt know if they were real or not. the quality was obvious and deffinitely not the same. not even close!!!! most noticable thing was that it came with zippers. and the rise…wayyy too high. looks like cheap jeans you buy at…well kohls. worst part is that i saw the style of RR jeans that i wear…henlee bootcut, but the problem was that it was not even anywhere close. it was baggy not fitting. just not RR jeans. i have to agree with Edison, time to switch brand

  7. I was wondering how they would look, I don’t have Kohls over here in England but my assumption was that they would be no where near as good. You can’t make premium jeans for such a cheap price and make profit. I’m really gutted that R&R actually did this but hey, there are loads of other brands that are really good! Andy you should try out Diesel, they are a really good men’s brand! If you haven’t already!

  8. Of course the product won’t be the same at a lower price. Do you think merchandise sold at outlet stores is the same as the original? NO. There are many differences such as stitching and labels that the average shopper is not aware of. Kohl’s will not be able to sell the same high end R&R product as before R&R’s bankruptcy. Kohl’s is making this move to offer this brand at more affordable prices for the average shopper. Not everyone can afford to pay $100 + for a pair of jeans. The other exclusive brands Kohl’s sells do not measure up to high end products, either. That is not the type of retailer Kohl’s is, nor is it the type of shoppers it markets.

  9. i know this might be a odd question,.. but what do you do with the older rock and republics? essentially, seven jeans bought out r&r to destroy them. is it odd to expect to have a pair of jeans for longer than a year or two? the world is so cruel,.. the employees at the stores will think i can’t afford things if i go in wearing my older $200 rocks. just like christian audigier… can’t believe i bought so many t’s for $150+… now their shirts are going for 30 or so bucks. *sigh* makes it hard to spend money on clothese you like. it’s like a bad investment. like throwing down 60,000 for a 5series just to find out the 2013 model will now be starting at 25,999. *shakes head*

  10. Hi Steve! I think the older R&Rs are different looking to the new ones. I don’t believe that for $30 they can recreate the same jeans as they used to. The Kohl’s line is probably completely different. I haven’t seen it yet though. I know what you mean, it’s very upsetting when a brand goes out of business or sells out like that because it does leave you wondering what to do with your jeans. If you love your R&Rs though, I would still wear them. You paid a lot of money for them, so why not?


  12. I think it’s more of the case that everyone is different, some people choose to spend their money on cars, electronics, alcohol, cigarettes, things like that, while others don’t do any of that and choose to save money and spend it on clothes. It’s all down to the individual. I do the second. I save my money. I am by no means rich at all, quite the opposite, so saving money to get something you want after a long time is a really nice feeling. That’s why some people will be upset that the brand doesn’t have status anymore. I know times are really hard right now, things have got really bad in the economy with money, I definitely understand that. It’s just always up to the individual what they do with their money if they have it. Plus, R&R sold out over a year ago now, so these R&R purchases would have been made quite some time ago, not recently 🙂 I am happy that you are proud to be a working girl, that’s how it should be 🙂

  13. I’m still going to wear them. I have a few beautiful ones that could not made for $80.00. Just calling them vintage now:)

  14. How could all of you even bear to step down off your pedastals to investigate the likes of Kohl’s and subject your stapled, collagen injected faces to the monstrosity of the R & R sellout???

    Let me help you out with some options so your suffering can end quickly… Levi Capitol E, 7 for all Mankind, Ernest Sewn, Dolce & Gabanna or APO Jeans are all good places to start. Why spend just $200 on a pair of jeans when you can spend $500 and up?

    You people are gauche and you lack grace. You know what they say about the ones that brag…

  15. I’m wearing a pair right now that I got from Kohls. They were on sale for about $50 down from 80 something. I’ve tried on plenty of high end $200+ jeans and all of them look horrible on me. The R&R jeans at Kohls fit me perfectly and are really flattering. There may be differences in the construction, but to me they have a great wash, a great fit, and don’t exactly have that “cheap” look I keep hearing. Overall not a bad pair of jeans. And really…who gives a crap who owns the company now? Was R&R mass producing their jeans with high-paid talent stitching everything together with 24 karat golden needles right here in our backyard? If so, then I would say the switch to low-wage factory workers in Bangladesh is a true tragedy. But if not then I would highly recommend continuing to wear your R&R jeans and take the $160+ you saved and give it to charity. Maybe you can donate to the low-wage factory workers in Bangladesh. 🙂

  16. I have been a fan of R&R for some time now and actually purchased my first pair used on eBay about a year ago. Sadly I had never tried on an expensive jean before and they were too tight on me. Well fast forward to the present, and some weight lose on my part, and they fit me perfectly now. Its true they fit great and look great. A few days ago I noticed the R&R stand at Kohls as well and I was in disbelief. I looked at the price tag and said now thats a price I could pay. I never purchased a new pair because I could never get myself to pull the trigger lol. Well I have worn both of my Kohls pair and they didn’t dissapoint. The fit is exactly the same as my other pairs and I am 100% completely satisfied with my purchase. Especially for $65 with the help of some Kohls cash and a 20% off coupon. It sounds like the brand will be ok since it is an exclusive agreement to sell them at Kohls and not everywhere for the lower price. In fact I have always thought $40+ is expensive for jeans and don’t think most people want to pay that much anyways until I stumbled upon the high end jean market. All in all a good choice to keep the company alive, broaden their customer base and keep people happy and in their jeans for a lower price. If your biggest concern is that “normal” people can afford them then you have bigger problems than having to switch jean brands. Good day everyone.

  17. I wish that someone would post a comparison of the pre kohls and kohls R&R , there are many differences . Basically they acquired the right to use the name is all . I am not saying not to purchase the Kohls line ..If that is your cup if tea go for it, but I will stick to the “vintage ” as someone stated lol , never just bought them for the name , it was the fit , wash, quality that attracted me and that doesn’t exist at kohls 🙁

  18. You’re suppose to buy a brand because of the fit and price!

    What does kohls selling the jeans have to do with it?

    Are you saying if walmart started selling it, you would be even more upset?
    Either youre scared of looking poor like you can’t afford expensive jeans.
    Or want to flaunt your money.

    And if the expensive ones fit you great keep buying those and if the kohls one fit you great buy those and if not find another brand that fits you well and ROCK THOSE IN THOSE JEANS LIKE NO ONE HAS ROCKED BEFORE IN THIS REPUBLIC!!!!. Lol

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