Pauly D in Cult of Individuality

Pauly D of Jersey Shore was seen arriving at his and the rest of the casts new home in Florence, Italy. They will all be filming the new season of Jersey Shore there. Do any of you watch the show? I’ve seen it once and it’s just not my cup of tea at all.

Pauly was wearing a pair of Cult of Individuality Hagen Relaxed style jeans in Rafter wash with bright shoes and a printed tee. Cult of Individuality jeans are designed to look worn in and like you have had them for years. I think they do give off this vibe with their washes. I haven’t felt the material to say though.

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  1. Folks just love to watch a train wreck. I can’t stand to see people profit from such trashy behavior, but it is our society, sadly.

  2. these jeans look like crap,the fading and that is made so cheap,these are ugly jeans,the fit is ok but jeans are totally wrong

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