Nicky Hilton in JET Jeans

Nicky Hilton was spotted chowing down on some Red Vines at the Lakers vs. Mavericks game in Los Angeles, California. She wore a pair of the new JET Smokey Straight Leg jeans while she sat courtside with boyfriend David Katzenberg. It looks like Nicky is really into the game. She doesn’t seem like one that would be interested in basketball to me, but it is nice to see that she is.

Every time I look at Nicky and then Paris right after, or vice versa, I just see so much of a difference in style. Nicky is more laid back, more hipster. While Paris is very flashy and wears an array of bright colors mono-chromatically. I do prefer Nicky’s a lot more. Paris’ is very out there and too out there sometimes. Click here to purchase these jeans at JohnEshaya for $194.

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