New Styles by BleuLab

These jeans have been spotted out all over town on Kourtney Kardashian. So here is a closer look at the reversible jeans by BleuLab. These jeans are 100% reversible. They have a clean wash on one side and a more worn, distressed look on the other. So there is no need to go digging in your closet for that clean pair of jeans anymore. All you need to do is reverse the jeans and there you go. You are now ready for a night out.

Are you now wondering how these jeans actually zip and button up? They have a a two-way zipper, as well as buttons and functional pockets. How cool is that? A jean that actually reverses all the way and functions just like a regular pair, as well as looks like actual jeans and not just inside-out.

They have many styles to choose from like, my favorite, the Granite (shown above). It has a clean black wash on one side and a whiskered, faded black wash on the other. They also have the Azurite Cayman Blue. These have a coated blue wash that reverses into an amazing medium washed blue jeans. They are not just limited to jeans either. They also have some shorts! Just in time for summer. You can check out the styles below and click here to purchase these jeans at Singer22. Just think about it…it is two for one.