Mischa Barton in Red Jeans

Mischa Barton was spotted arriving at Heathrow Airport after a quick trip to Cannes, France. She wore her red jeans again. I have to say that Mischa was the front-runner for this trend. Remember the banana pants? They were not flattering yet still colored.

I have to say…this look is not bad from the neck down. Her glasses look like she got some felt and cut some circles out and taped them to her face. Other than that. Everything goes well together and fits well. Well…I think a different pair of shoes could have helped the look a bit .

Images Courtesy of INFDaily.com


  1. I’m speechless… You’re too good, she’s a mess from head to toe, she looks like a clown, really, those ridiculous glasses, those shoes. She’s not in a goos shape.

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