Katie Price in Diesel

Katie Price was pictured leaving Balans restaurant in Soho in London, England with her new boyfriend Leandro Penna and some friends. They arrived at around midnight and left an hour later to head home. I guess they went out for a midnight snack.

Do any of you watch Katie’s show on TV? I know she has a lot going on in her life but I think Leandro might be good for her now. She seems to act a lot differently around him and he doesn’t let her walk all over him which is a good thing, even though he can’t really speak English at all.

Katie was wearing a skinny pair of Diesel jeans for the night out and this is the first time I have actually liked one of her outfits! They are normally too outlandish and stripperesque for my liking but this one looks good. I like the loose cream knit sweater with the cream suede boots. Everything goes well and she is covered up.

Images courtesy of Wenn.com