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I did an interview with the UK H&M magazine a while back for their Summer 2011 denim issue. I spoke to them about the trends, why denim is so popular and more! You can see the writing in the zoomed in images in the gallery below. If you have the magazine then it’s on page 28 and 29. I also did a guest post for Trilogy Stores blog and I gave them a few tips on finding jeans that fit. You can read that here on their website.


  1. ah brilliant, congrats Lorna, I should get my copy any day now 🙂
    by the way, those jeans look AMAZING on you, the right length and everything (I always find that people wear flares too short – especially with heels) but I love them! what brand are they?xx

  2. Thanks Seri! The flares are Paige Lou Lous in Sardinia, I got the petite length and they fit perfectly. I’m always annoyed by short flares too, it’s a huge pet peeve of mine lol! I think they should be 1cm off of the floor. Elle MacPherson wore her MiH ones too short a couple of weeks ago.

  3. thank you!! I’m glad someone agrees. They can make your legs look SO long if worn the right length, but the total opposite if too short! oh fab I’ll keep an eye out for them, I’m dying to get some flares. I’m not yet sold on the cropped flares though, I saw them on a few celebs and thought they don’t do much for lengthening the legs!

  4. I don’t like cropped flares either, for those of us with shorter legs it just makes us stunted so I agree with that. The Sardinia wash is older but it’s a popular one. My collaboration jeans with Paige are out next month and the Lorna wash is coming in the Lou Lou cut if you wanna hold out for that one 😀

  5. Those are so extremely flattering on you! Your legs look positively one mile long! Amazing 🙂

  6. Thank you everyone! Glad you like the interview.

    Seri, I think they are available in the UK here for us in July, I think the US are having them in June. They will be online in many many places though, these ones are worldwide, not just for selfridges 🙂

  7. hi, lorna, been visiting your site everyday. you’re so beautiful, are you attached to someone already?

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