DenimBlog Exclusive: Interview With Superfine

We caught up with the iconic brand Superfine to get an interview. Established in 2003 by Lucy Pinter and Flora Evans, Superfine is recognised as an innovative style leader, making rock and roll jeans with a real London attitude. As one of the first pioneers of the skinny jean silhouette, they quickly gathered a dedicated following around the world and is a point of reference for many of today’s most influential style icons. A bit punk, a bit purist, the label has led the way with clean looking jeans, free from branding.

Now run and designed by Lucy, collections expand on fresh jean silhouettes with a full ready to wear collection and quality reaches a new premium in collaboration with licensee Pier Spa. This has been key to the evolution of Superfine today as a high-end, fashion denim brand with production in Italy. I have also included a preview of some of the images from the Autumn/Winter 2011 Look Book. Carry on reading to find out more!

DB: What made you come up with the name Superfine?

At the time, my partner (Flora) and I used to refer to gorgeous clothes as “her” or “him”. If something was really fabulous we’d say “she’s fine”, the response would be “yeah, superfine!” etc…It evolved from there.

DB: Why did you decide to create your brand?

I was styling and needed to find skinny jeans. No-one did them at that time. Just all distressed bootlegs and flares. I used to tape everything to make it look skinny and was desperate from something clean and un-embellished…It was during my frustrating search for the clean skinny, I took Flora to dinner and suggested we make jeans.

DB: So you used to be a stylist? Who did you style?

I styled for publications such as iD magazine, Harpers Bazaar and Japanese Vogue, Black Book as well as styling celebrities such as Ben Harper, Neneh Cherry, All Saints, Janet Jackson and various other pop videos/music videos and fashion clients.

DB: What is the best feature of your jeans?

Depends which pair but generally I like them because mostly they are different to other peoples. Even on basics there is more attention to detail (pocket linings, zips, stitching etc).

DB: What was your inspiration for your latest collection?

AW was a Gypsy Punk collection. The inspiration came from a photographer called Joseph Kudelka. I loved all the old looking fabrics in his gypsy pictures. The wools looking distressed and “oiled”. I then was looking at an image of Malcolm McLaren’s funeral on my desktop. I wanted to somehow marry the Gypsy theme with Punk. It worked. I’m really happy with this collection.

DB: Who do you envision wearing your brand?

No-one in particular really. Although it seems fashion people are the one’s who know the brand best. I get excited seeing anyone in Superfine.

DB: Who is your favourite celebrity in Superfine jeans?

Kate Moss.

DB: We all love denim but what makes it so important to you?

It’s timeless and effortless. I think the most stylish people are that way because they look cool without effort.

DB: What is your most popular cut?

Now it is the “Adventure” jean. But we are probably best known for our “Liberty” skinny jean.

DB: Do you have a favourite jean you have designed?

I loved the first “Super Swirl” with leather detailing, I love the “Punk Pant” from AW and our versions of the biker and the “Vroom” and the Swirl with Stitch in “Ghost” coming to stores soon…

DB: So what’s next for Superfine?

I’d like to add the kids line soon. And I’m hoping to add some collaborations to the list but nothing is confirmed yet…Watch this space!

Written by Lorna Burford