Can you guess who was caught wearing a pair of Nobody Jeans?

Can you guess who was caught at the airport wearing a pair of jeans by Nobody?

It’s Cameron Diaz!

She was spotted catching a flight out to London wearing a pair of the Sonic Jean in Plush by Nobody. These jeans fit Cameron’s boots perfectly. There is no sight of bulkiness on top of the boots.

I cannot wait for Bad Teacher to come out. I am so happy that comedies are getting more mature and dirtier with the language. They were really lacking that for a while. I’m not saying that all comedies should or need to have an “R” rating or dirty dialogue. Some are perfectly fine without it, like 50 First Dates and The Family Stone. It’s just sometimes humor needs some grittiness involved. It is just a personal need in some movies.


  1. Does anyone knows what is the brand of her bag?It’s Bottega veneta?
    Thank you,i love your blog!!!!

  2. Dear Christina,

    The Bag is Bottega Veneta. It is called “Maxi veneta” and the color is Ebano. It is also available in small medium and large (Maxi is the largest)

    Have a lovely day!

    Kind regards from Marie