Zac Efron in WeSC Jeans

Zac Efron is making another appearance on DenimBlog this week. This time he was spotted out and about in Hollywood, California carrying a Z.E.N Foods bag as he made his way back to his car.

Zac was wearing his WeSC skinny jeans again but he paired them with checked shirt this time. I have a feeling that we will be spotting him in these jeans quite a few times now, they seem to be his new favourites!


  1. Hi Lorna,

    Do you know precisely the model’s name of this WeSC jean ? Because there are so many model and it’s a little difficult to find the right one.


  2. Hey, first to answer Jane’s question, the shirt is by Life/After/Denim. can find it here:

    And about the model… I’m almost positive its the “Eddy” model. There are only two models (Eddy & Kelvin) that have the rivets on the pockets as well as the white lining on the back pockets and the little side pocket. It’s not the Kelvin’s… they’re too dark and too baggy. So thats why i think they’re the Eddy. Here’s a link:

    The Eddy also come in grey – which match the denim he wore to the Laker game… another indication that they’re Eddy (Again, they have rivets on back pockets)