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  1. Hi!
    Prompt please where it is possible to buy BLUE BELL jeans on a photo, what with letters?
    If it is possible addresses of shops.

  2. I meant BLUE BELL jeans as on a photo wrangler-preview-7.jpg
    which with inscriptions.
    Forgive for bad English.
    I would like to learn addresses of shops where it is possible to buy them and cost.

  3. Hi Boris, they have inscriptions of places in America I believe, like certain beaches and towns. I actually am not 100% sure where you can purchase the Wrangler Blue Bell line, I don’t think it’s still in production. I think it’s discontinued, I haven’t seen it around anywhere in a really really long time. However the price point for their jeans was around £100 GBP.

  4. Hi Lorna!
    Tell please, what jeans from the Blue Bell collection can be bought? And if you won’t complicate the address or the link to shop.
    The price is pleasant to me.
    Thank you very much.

  5. Hi Lorna!
    If suddenly you learn where man’s Blue Bell jeans online are on sale tell me please.
    mail: b00027@mail.ru
    fasebook: BORISZOLOTO
    Sorry to trouble you!!!
    We in Russia don’t have these jeans on sale!

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