Saoirse Ronan in Balmain

Saoirse Ronan made an appearance earlier this month on MTV The Seven in New York. She wore a pair of the sequined striped Balmain jeans for the appearance to promote her movie Hanna. I like her look here. I like that she cuffed them and paired it with oxfords. It gives off a English ’60s mod feel.

Saoirse is such a great actress, in my opinion. I hated her in Atonement. Her character just urked me whenever she came on. She just played it so well. Then her character in The Lovely Bones showed how versatile she is. She was no longer that annoying little girl. Her role was more complex and innocent. I have yet to see Hanna, but I’m sure she did a great job. Have any of you readers seen the movie yet?