LOOK BOOK: Nudie Fall/Winter 2011 Part 1

Here is part one of the Nudie Fall/Winter 2011 Look Book. I have split it into 2 blog posts because there are so many new styles. This unfortunately is not all of them either so I only selected the best ones in my opinion and the most popular cuts.

As usual they have loads of styles and cuts in some amazing washes. They have of course carried on with the raw denim too. What do you think of the new styles? They also have some nice khakis and great denim jackets. If you hover your mouse over each of the gallery images it will tell you the cut and wash.


  1. Ohh man! When do those Khakis come out?! Those remind me of Zac’s Balmain Khaki jeans! Must get!

  2. The khakis won’t be coming out until August, but the ones in dark beige are much skinnier than Zac’s Balmain khaki pants. Also, those Balmain pants Zach wore were not jeans, they were just khaki pants. The khaki pants in dark beige are called khaki tight and the color is called deep soil. The khaki tights will also be coming out in a creme color called “ash grey”. The other pair of khaki pants are closer to Zac’s pants called khaki slim (color is called “concreted”). The khaki slims will also come in a light beige called “sanded” and a black called “dry black coated”.