Jennifer Garner in J Brand

It seems like we haven’t seen photos of Jennifer Garner out in a while. It seemed like almost every day she was photographed out with her daughters or picking them up from school. I can’t believe how big (and adorable) Violet is! Jennifer has also been busy working on her career, starring in the upcoming film, Arthur, with Russel Brand and Helen Mirren, so I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot more of her.

Although it’s been a while since we’ve seen paparazzi photos of her, it doesn’t seem as though Jennifer’s style has changed much. She definitely seems to have other priorities besides fashion. She wore J Brand’s Bailey Boot Cut jean in Phoebe wash. Last time she wore these, a lot of readers had strong opinions of how they looked. Do you think they look any better on her here? You can buy these jeans at J Brand for $189.

One Comment

  1. I don’t think we can even really tell what these jeans look like, they are too big on her. And her shoes aren’t shown, but they are probably her usual sneaks. I think she is such a natural beauty, but she just doesn’t care about dressing for the cameras in her day-to-day life. I really can’t imagine being followed by the cameras all the time and being photo-ready at every moment, especially when you are trying to have a normal life running around with your kids. So while they aren’t the most flattering, it’s hard to hold these every-day photos against her…because when she dresses up and smiles for the camera, she looks stunning!