Eva Longoria in J Brand

Heading back to LA after her promotional circuit, Eva Longoria traded her mini dresses for a pair of J Brand jeans. She seems to be wearing a lot of J Brand recently. Personally, I prefer her style more when she’s dressed up, she’s been killing it on the Red Carpet lately! (Remember her Oscar dress?)

This past week, Eva was on the East Coast making the Talk Show circuit, promoting her cookbook, Eva’s Kitchen. Despite the focus of the tour being on her cookbook, one interview in particular, with Piers Morgan, turned into Eva discussing her divorce from Tony Parker. Buy J Brand jeans at Singer22.com.


  1. Dear Editor,

    Do you know the color and model of these j brand jeans Eva is wearing? I like them alot!


    Marie (Denmark)

  2. Dear Lorna,

    Thank you very much for your reply. The 910 cut is also my guess – but I can’t find the wash anywhere….



  3. Dear Marie,
    I guess it is the 910 in “venice”!
    But I am also not 100% sure on the wash…
    All the best from Berlin,

  4. Dear Kerstin,

    Thank you very much!

    I will see if I can find them!

    Many thanks!

    Best wishes from Copenhagen 🙂