David Beckham in Dior Homme

David Beckham was spotted sitting next to Jeremy Piven and Kevin Hart at the Laker Game. He wore his trusty Dior Homme Jeans again. I really do like blogging about David. I think he has one of the most amazing styles when it comes to the men. I especially love that he is always in a beanie. I am still looking for one with that fit.

These jeans have definitely shown some wear. The wash has lightened up a lot and it looks like they have been to the wash a few times. I do still think they are a great fit on him. They have not lost their shape at all.


  1. I love that chain wallet he wears on the pic.Anybody knows the brand of the chain Please?

  2. Have anyone know that trusty dior homme jeans when David Beckham go to Laker’s game?what the jeans name?or what season’s collection?and tag’s number? thx..

  3. His wallet chain is made by special order at HOORSENBUHS. It’s sterling silver with 18k rose gold accessories. Their the hot new jewelers to the stars. Expensive but, proper. Check em out