LOOK BOOK: Current/Elliott Spring/Summer 2011

Here is a look at the new Spring/Summer 2011 collection by Current/Elliott. The Spring Collection is inspired by the ’50s housewife. There are many flirty looks in this collection. They also brought back the stripes as well. These are bit different than their Hickory ones. The fit is still similar (a baggy style), but these have visible button-fly detailing. They also have many dresses and shirts this season. The pencil skirts have exposed buttoning going up the front. They featured some new denim shirts and a striped denim blazer too.

For the Summer collection, the boyscout was the inspiration. They have a pair of red denim just like Spring, but instead these are baggy so they can allow some breathing room for the summer. They also have something that we don’t really see too much, the skirt overall. I wonder if we will be seeing any celebrities in that? You can see looks from both seasons below.