Kate Moss in Black Orchid

Looks like Kate Moss jumped on the Black Orchid bandwagon. These jeans just seem to be getting more and more popular. Though being as popular as they are, I think seeing them on Kate Moss must be a great feeling for them. She was spotted out and about in London wearing a pair of the Black Jewel skinny jeans in Newton. I like that many of the celebrities are rocking the more affordable brands right now like Black Orchid, Blank, and O*T*R. Kate herself was also spotted a while back wearing a pair by another lower priced line, O*T*R. It’s good to see that they still choose fit over price.

I wonder what Kate thinks of what is going on with friend John Galliano? I am shocked to hear what has happened with him, being that he is my favorite designer. Then to hear what he has done is pretty appalling. I think many are going to be distancing themselves during this time from Galliano. You can click here to purchase Black Orchid jeans at Singer22.

Images Courtesy of Optic Photos, PacificCoastNews