Diesel Dirty New Age Denim

Diesel has come out with a new collection of jeans for their brand, the Dirty New Age Denim. Diesel have been using mud and oil and other natural substances to create unique washes for many years now but this time they have taken it a step further. Putting together the development and research of the last 10 years, these washes combine many techniques and heavily introduce the use of natural dirty colors as the next step for Diesel Denim. I love the Darron 8MZ!

They have been studying for ten years and developing to create new shades of dirty denim for you. They combined over six types of treatments, a bleaching process and even a golden brush. Diesel applied the dirt by hand in some instances just to give you a Shade of Rust. Vertical hatching and manual abrasions added to the hype of the 3D whiskering in their new Shades of Stripes. Red cast denim was pressed and given white spots. From that they came up with the new Shade of Chalk. 3D evolution and shadow treatments teamed up with other effects to create shades of mud. Other great washes came about during this denim exploration including Raw Paint and Shades of Foam, Sand, and Linen. Diesel did all of this, just to say… Welcome to the Diesel Denim DIRTY NEW AGE!


  1. I have to say, I am in love with some of their Diesel New Age washes. I can’t wait to get a chance to visit the Diesel store and see a pair of KROOLEY 8NJs in person. The pictures that were posted in the Diesel Forum look incredible.