Denim Review: G Star Fender Skinny Spark Denim in 3D Aged

This weeks review is on a brand I had never tried before, until now. G Star sent me the Fender Skinny Spark Denim jeans in 3D Aged. I never really thought I would like the brand because they are quite heavily branded and I prefer my jeans more subtle and plain, but I was definitely suprised with how well they fitted and how nice the wash was.

The fit of these jeans is a very skinny, low/normal rised jean with a thicker waistband. The back pockets have zippers with tassels at the top, just like I am used to with some Diesel jeans and other brands, and they are not too skinny like most of the leggings I wear. I always like the look of zippers on the back pockets because I find they accentuate the butt more and highlight the right areas to be flattering. This pair definitely does that! The back pockets also have the classic G-Star embroidery and they have the little G-Star patches and branding on the sides at the front. I normally always wear longer t-shirts so that isn’t too much of a bother to me.

I do like the fit of these too, I definitely find them slimming and a good fit on the butt and legs. It’s always risky for me trying new brands because the cut can often be too big in my legs, but these fit perfectly. I took a size 27 as I seem to be fitting that size more now and they fit just right. Since I have never tried the brand before though, I am unsure if they are true to size for them. They definitely seem quite true to size, maybe a small bit on the big side in comparison to other denim brands though.

The wash of these jeans is called 3D Aged and it’s a coated/waxed very dark blue, almost black shade on a fabric called Spark Denim. I’m assuming it’s named Spark Denim because it’s coated to look shiny. I have been into waxed and leather look denim for a long time now so I was excited to put this pair on because I loved the look of the wash. I also find really dark blues and blacks to be the most slimming shades of denim anyway, so adding a coated look to this pair just makes them more fun and more in depth. They are not the regular plain washed jeans you normally see. I definitely love this wash, it’s also not itchy like most waxed jeans can be, it’s made with cotton, polymide and elastane and it’s a 3×1 right hand twill 11 oz fabric which has been ring spun.

Overall, if you are a fan of the brand then I think this is a must have pair for you because they seem like a classic with great characteristics. If you are new to the brand like I was, then I also think this is a good pair to try, I’m really pleased I got these because of how pretty they are and they are very versatile and easy to pair with other clothes. I’m happy to finally add a pair of G-Star jeans to my ever growing collection! Buy them here at I Love Bastille for $220.

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  1. I do agree to Thomas, really great style! Suits you soooo well!
    I like everything about it: T-shirt (What brand is it?), jeans, shoes …
    Did the jeans wore out or did they keep their shape?

  2. Thanks Annette! The t-shirt is last season from All Saints actually 🙂 It’s a birds of paradise one. It caught my eye as soon as I saw it 🙂 I haven’t had chance to wear them much to be honest so they haven’t lost their shape yet.

  3. Ah, I just checked the All Saints online shop and when I saw the “Embelished Flamingo Tee” it looked so familiar. Haha, You wore it at your Paige Jimmy Shorts Shooting 🙂
    They do have really beautiful graphic t-shirts. Maybe I will order one … I am glad I discoverd your blog. It is really a great inspiration for me. I will have to take care not to order too much 🙂

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