Alexis Jordan in Lipsy Moto Jeans

UPDATE! I finally found out Alexis’s jeans, they are the Lipsy moto jeans. Thank you to Now magazine which is where I spotted them! You can buy them here for ┬ú55.

Alexis Jordan posed for photos for the paps outside the ITV studios in London, England last month. I have been trying to figure out these jeans on her for such a long time now and I just can’t! They are really unique with different style zippers on the hems and moto stitching on the legs and back. Do any of you know the brand?

They do remind me a lot of the OTR jeans that I reviewed a few weeks ago but I haven’t found any from the brand that look like this. I love the pairing of the jade green heels though, they are really pretty against the blue.

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  1. Before I even read this post I looked at the picture and fawned over the color of those shoes. Then I looked at the jeans and thought they looked so nice paired with the shoes. Sure enough you said the same thing here! Great minds think alike haha.