Zac Efron in a Denim Shirt

Zac Efron was spotted at the Laker game alongside George Lopez over the weekend. He was wearing his favorite denim shirt. This time he opted to pair it with a pair of khaki trousers instead of his usual Balmain. I still wonder what or who converted Zac to Balmain. He doesn’t seem like someone to me that would spend thousands on a pair of pants or jeans. I’m glad he did though because Zac sightings have been a little lackluster here on DenimBlog until he got spotted in those. I like that his shirt is cut off on the bottom. It just adds something to it so it wouldn’t be just a plain light-washed denim shirt.

Does anyone remember Zac from the movie Miracle Run that came out a while back? He played an autistic teen in it. I thought he did an amazing job in that movie. He just made the character so believable. Mary-Louise Parker also stars in the movie.