Winter Blues Jeans – Denim With Fleece

Winter Blues is a brand of jeans that I came across a couple of months ago. The idea behind the brand is they create jeans which are absolutely perfect for the freezing cold months because they have fleece in the lining. The fleece is designed to keep your legs warm and block out the wind. I know I get freezing sometimes when I am just wearing normal thinner denim jeans and there is snow outside.

The concern I had with these jeans is that they would make my legs look too big or bulky due to the lining, when I tried these jeans I did find this happened a bit but that was because the jeans were actually too big on me. If you buy a pair that fit you really tightly then they are very slim fitting as you can see from the photos. When the jeans are worn, the fleece and the denim stretch out which makes them look thinner anyway.

The denim that Samantha (the owner and creator) is currently using is from the Candiani mill (Italian) and made up of 98% cotton and 2% lycra. It’s a 10oz fabric as well. I asked Samantha about the jeans and she said “It’s definitely a different “feel” to have them on with the soft fleece against your skin but they don’t make you look bigger”. The jeans are currently manufactured in a factory in Los Angeles, where they are also Laundered.

The jeans are definitely very warm, when I put them on I definitely felt that they would keep you really snug. They will be perfect for the snow weather and freezing cold evenings during the middle of Winter. Samantha is also working on a Spring/Summer line called WB which will have no lining. You can buy these jeans online at Winter Blues.

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