Nicky Hilton in JET Jeans

Nicky Hilton was spotted getting her caffeine boost in Beverly Hills, California. She wore her usual pair up, a button up with a pair of JET jeans. This time she chose the Antique wash. I have these and the distressing is really great and the wash looks like one that would happen after washing your favorite pair many times.

It seems like Nicky goes through denim phases like many people. She would get caught in a brand, with her it is either JET or James, and wear it many times over and over. Do you readers also do the same with your denim? I know I do. You can click here to purchase these jeans at Singer22 for $194.


  1. that happens all the time., each time i get a new pair that fits perfectly i can’t help myself but wear it again and again 🙂

  2. I want to do so, but I just always cannot control to try some new brands.. that’s not good as some jeans I just wear few times finally.. 🙁

  3. I also want to do so, but I always can’t stand to try the new brands and new jeans that’s why some jeans I only wear few times finally.. it’s not good 🙁

  4. I also want to do so but I always can’t stand to try some new brands and jeans.. so finally some jeans I wear just few times.. that’s not good I know..