Miley Cyrus in Topshop

Miley Cyrus was seen leaving her local Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf in Toluca Lake, California over the weekend. She left with a few drinks in hand as she made her way back to her car while stopping to pose with some fans. Miley was wearing her Topshop acid wash jeans that we spotted her in over a year ago. They definitely fit her differently now.

I’m a bit disappointed with Miley’s latest action, she was snapped smoking in her car! I don’t condone smoking because of how bad it is for your health and I honestly thought she would have known better than that, especially with so many young fans looking up to her. Miley has also just added her 5th tattoo to her body, it’s a dream catcher with 4 feathers which covers the right side of her ribcage. The 4 feathers represent her 4 siblings. It looks pretty interesting. You can see the tattoo and photos of her smoking by clicking here.

Honestly, I really hope she sorts herself out soon, I don’t want to see her go down that route of destruction. She’s already been video’d smoking from a bong, plus all of the other things she’s been pictured doing all before she hit 18. I know her parents just divorced and I know how hard that is, but she’s such a bright and talented girl. I do wish her the best for the future, especially the near future.

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