Keri Hilson in Diesel

Musician Keri Hilson poses backstage at the Diesel Black Gold Fall 2011 fashion show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at Pier 94 in New York City. Now you know you can’t go to a Diesel fashion show and not wear Diesel…Keri really put this outfit together well; her black Diesel jeans with a nice gray shirt and her jewelry ties in all the colors together just perfect!

Keri’s second studio album No Boys Allowed was recently released. Keri said that, “No Boys Allowed is a deeply personal project designed to bring women to their feet. The provocative title, is not what you may think. It’s not about excluding men. It’s more about women understanding that there comes a time in your life when you want a man. A real man. A grown up. Not a boy. And that’s not a bad thing. I write from a female perspective, but I’m also telling men what women are really thinking and feeling about them.”

Images Courtesy of Wireimage