Kate Moss in a Denim Dress

Kate Moss was spotted in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil getting ready to do another shoot for Vogue. I don’t think they’ll ever be year when Kate will not grace the cover of Vogue, whether it is for US, UK, or Paris. A year without Kate on a cover is like a year without denim. Which I highly doubt would ever happen.

She chose to wear a denim dress for the sunny day in the beachy country. Which must be a great departure from the cold weather in England and even here in California. Ugh…the rain is back. We don’t spot Kate in many dresses during the day, yet alone a denim one. I think this a great one for her. It is a nice fit and refreshing to see a different style other than the usual skin-tight tube ones that we usually see. I also like that she paired it with some T-strap sandals, very casual and easy looking.

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