Justin Bieber in G Star

Justin Bieber has been super busy promoting his upcoming movie “Never Say Never”. He was spotted leaving “The Late Show” with his mom wearing a G Star jacket and jeans. Is this kid anymore predictable with his choice of clothing? It’s nice to see his career really take off though.

During his interview with David Letterman, Justin took to his Twitter page to encourage his fans to follow Letterman’s Twitter account, tweeting, “I’m hanging out with my Dave at @late_show we need to get him twice as many followers!” The “Late Show” Twitter account wrote back, “Hey, @justinbieber! Thanks for the Twitter bounce. Only 6,900,000 to go. Game on, Bieber.” How silly!

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  1. Heyy
    can anyone please let me know whats the name of justin beibers grey Gstar jacket? I cant find his jacket anywhere online and wondering if its a new model? Please let me know thanks