Johnny Depp in RRL Buckle Black Utility Jeans

Johnny Depp attended the Los Angeles premiere of “Rango” which was held at The Regency Village Theatre in Westwood, California. He chose to wear his new favourite jeans, the RRL Buckle Black Utility Jeans.

We have spotted Johnny in these jeans quite a few times now over the past few months. They definitely seem to suit his style perfectly, he’s always got a quirkiness to his outfits. He never seems to be without his glasses and his hat either. Do you remember how Johnny used to look a long time ago when he was dating Kate Moss? He has changed so much!

Images courtesy of Apega/


  1. Thanks but I looked at Ralph Lauren’s web site and I don’t see an RRL products on there. Just regular Lauren jeans and Black Label etc.

  2. Thank you!

    I have a friend going to NY soon and I noticed they have RRL stores there. I hope to get a pair!

    Any idea how they run? I’m normally a 30 in Diesel.