Vanessa Hudgens in Black Orchid

Vanessa Hudgens was spotted once again in Black Orchid jeans. This time she opted for Black Jewel Skinny in Storm. Looks like she just had a quick trip back to Los Angeles. She was seen getting back on the plane at LAX again. I’m not surprised that Vanessa is wearing Black Orchid over and over. She tends to stick to one brand for a while after her first sighting, just like her Nudies, Diesels, and J Brands. Plus the wash is an amazing blue.

I like Vanessa’s look here. It is typical Vanessa, but I wonder how comfortable it must be to wear her thigh-high socks over her jeans. It seems like it would be a bit uncomfortable around the ankles. You can click here to purchase Black Orchid Jeans at Singer22.