Reese Witherspoon in Black Orchid

Reese Witherspoon was seen giving money to a man while she and fiance, Jim Toth were out and about. Michelle Williams recently confided in Marie Claire magazine that Reese helped her with the loss of Heath Ledger. Overwhelmed by the stresses of life as a single parent, Michelle confided in Reese who put it in perspective. Reese said, “Yes, I understand, but think about how much more difficult this would be without the luxury of a reliable, steady income. ” Michelle later added, “When things are difficult for me as a single parent, I always reflect on how much harder it would be if I didn’t have money ÔÇö if I couldn’t afford a babysitter to go to yoga class or out to dinner with a girlfriend,” I certainly wouldn’t have pegged these two as friends but it sounds like Reese gives some good advice!

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