Nine In The Morning Denim – The Natural Morning

We just showed you the brand Nine in the Morning and their Iconic Collection, here is a look at the Natural collection. I love the jeans in this collection a lot more than the previous one, the washes are beautiful and they are completely natural!

It is the breath of the trees. It is the colors of Nature. It is the colors born of these places. It is The Natural Morning: Nature, perfect to wear.

In the new The Natural Morning collection, conceived by Umberto Vendramin, the concept of sartorial style, marries the bio mood giving life to garments that are totally environmentally friendly. The jeans are created exclusively from organic cotton that may be recognized by each woven thread. It is the hand of Nature that renders these creations so precious; the denim is dyed in its most authentic colors thanks to the exclusive use of natural indigo dye. Water based agents, pumice and the knowing hands of artisanal artists enrich the weave with delicate nuances. The intention is to add nothing to the purity of the organic cotton, not even the rivets that are omnipresent in denim garments. The only added detail is the natural coconut button, perfect in its simplicity. The Natural Morning marks a return to roots that go beyond jeans; this is seen also in the jute used for the shoppers, a material that evokes long lost tactile sensations.

Style can be lived and worn in these jeans dedicated to the woman who sees in her choice of garment an ethical choice in addition to an artistic one. The signature of this style is the range of wearability The Natural Morning offers: essentials like the elements of Nature, design the body with an instinctive harmony, heralding a whispered and never banal elegance.

The cuts are like this: Skin sensation: low waist, super skinny leg. Velvet Sensation: at the waist, straight leg, bottom-up effect. Endless Embrace: at the waist, boot cut leg, very slight flare. In Italy, The Natural Morning collection will be available in stores from next season.

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