Nine In The Morning Denim – The Iconic Collection

Nine in the Morning is an Italian-based denim line. This emerging brand comes out of Venice, Italy and is currently sold exclusively at Satine, American Rag CIE, and Premiering in the US market, Nine in the Morning utilizes the best fabrics and sundries out there.

Two brothers, Umberto and Alessandro Vendramin, come from a family with a long history in the textiles industry. By owning their own factories, the brothers of Nine in the Morning can control the production of their luxury goods to ensure the highest quality of denim at a valued price point. As a world-class organization with resources at their disposal, they have been able to work with top designers such as Luigi Martell, Jean Paul Gaultier, and Prada.

Nine in the Morning is known for its comfortable fit, yet edgy style. From basic 5-pockets to sexy wide leg jeans, this versatile collection has something for every woman. In addition to their state-of-the-art seamless construction and one-of-a-kind hardware, Nine in the Morning prides themselves on producing one of the most organic denim lines on the market. The Natural Collection is made from organic cotton that is dyed with vegetable indigo, making it the perfect wardrobe piece for the eco-friendly gal of the 21st century. There will be more about the Natural collection in the next post.

Here is the Fall 2010 Iconic Collection, I think some of the jeans look great. What do you think of them?