Keanu Reeves in PRPS

Keanu Reeves was seen doing some shopping at Kiehl’s and avoiding the paparazzi while in Covent Garden in London, England. I often see a lot of celebs holding there hands to their face to avoid the snappers but it never seems to work. They still get the images. Although I am sure Keanu is less bombarded over here than in the US.

He chose to wear his trusty PRPS Jeans that he has been wearing since early 2009! PRPS is actually the only brand we have spotted him wearing on DenimBlog. He doesn’t opt for any other brand of jeans. These seem to be holding out incredibly well though so I can see why he loves them! I’ve still never tried the brand, they are just so expensive! How many of you own a pair?

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  1. I do own a pair but I did get them on sale for a good price. When I don’t wear them I feel like I am cheating on them. 😉 PRPS are truly everything and more that is said about them on their web page
    I’ve got my eyes on two more and these are also on sale. There are few web pages that do give a good sale price.
    I do have quite a big knowledge of this brand, the originality of their jeans. So, let me suggest you something – do not look for them on ebay – most (and I mean MOST) of them are fake.

  2. I have 4 pairs of PRPS. When I got the first one, I thought that was the last one because they are so expensive as you said.. but I just could not control myself to buy more after that as they are so amazing!

  3. Oh I never would, I learned a long time ago how to tell the fakes from the real ones when it comes to designer denim, Diesel and Rock & Republic especially. The thing about PRPS that makes me not want to try them is the really thick denim, I like my jeans to be comfortable.

  4. I used to have three pairs but I sold them all. The reason was because the jeans didn’t look good on me at all. PRPS jeans are very loose and baggy, not really fitted. I love the quality of PRPS jeans though. They are very tough and durable and will last for a long time.

  5. @ Starks; I totally know the feeling! 🙂
    @ Lorna; Yes, they are thick but VERY, very soft as well. So comfortable! Believe me, I am the first one not liking thick jeans. 🙂

  6. Absolutely! They are as soft as sweat pants, actually I wonder it’s because of the Zimbabwe cotton or some special treatment they use on the jeans..

  7. @starks; hehehe 🙂 I wanted to say the exact same thing “soft as sweat pants”
    @ lorna; DO SO!!! 😉

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