Jared Leto in Sinclair Denim

Jared Leto was out shopping in Los Angeles, California with a female companion wearing a pair of Sinclair Denim. He chose to wear the Knox Skinny jean in Closing Night wash which he paired with boots, a long trench style coat and a hat. There is actually nothing about this outfit that I like at all, I think it looks really silly as I am more a fan of practical and stylish outfits, but that’s just my opinion.

I still haven’t tried the Sinclair Denim brand, have you? It seems to be getting more popular by the day though. A lot of celebs are being seen in the line. What do you think of Jared’s style here? Are you a fan of it? You can buy Sinclair Denim at Revovlceltohing.com.

One Comment

  1. Honestly there’s something I don’t like about this style, maybe the hat, but I love Jared Leto, anyway, he has a very personal style. I think that woman is his mother.