G-Star Presents London Raw Night Event

G-Star held an event called the “G-Star Presents London Raw” that was held at the One Mayfair Church. The event was kicked off by G-star’s new face, Gemma Arterton. At the event guests were partying along each other while listening to music by Romy of The xx DJ Set.

At the Raw events, G-Star brings their DNA to life by allowing many talents show of their work. You can see the work by Beautiful Crime, who created a live urban art piece, inspired by a Corbijn image of Gemma. I love that piece. I would love to have something like that just posted on one of my walls. Guests also got to experience the unexpected by G-Star. They presented the 3301 RAW Records, RAW Rhythm Festival and RAW Gallery at these events, that also took place in Tokyo, New York, and Los Angeles. Check out images from the event below.

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