Denim Review: Paige Premium Calvary Jeggings In Felix

This weeks review is on the new Paige Premium Calvary Jegging in Felix wash. Trilogy sent me these a while ago as they were an exclusive to their store here in the UK. They are also exclusive to a couple of stores in the US. Since I live in England, I am expecting to be using my umbrella a lot for photos now as we are known for a lot of rain from now on until Spring.

I’m absolutely in love with them! I’ve always loved Paige’s denim leggings because they are so comfortable and soft. They are also very flattering and they fit really well. Paige’s jeggings have been in my top 2 since I first tried them. These new Calvary jeggings are a different take on the trend as they have black denim panels on the inseam at the knee areas. The contrast from blue to black is not very noticeable because the felix wash is a very dark blue so it blends into the black quite nicely. The panels don’t make them fit or feel any differently to a normal jegging and they definitely don’t feel uncomfortable either.

The Calvary fits exactly like the Verdugo jeggings with the rise and the skinniness of the legs. The only thing different, like I mentioned above, is the paneling. I think these are a great way to try out the paneled denim trend. It’s very subtle and not too in your face. They are extremely stretchy as well. These run just like the June Lake, which is slightly bigger than the other Verdugo jeggings. I could have sized down to a 27 in these like I could have done with the June Lake wash.

The wash is so pretty! I would love a pair of Verdugo’s in this Felix wash. It’s a very deep and rich blue, it has a beautiful depth to it and it shines so nicely in different lights. The wash is very soft and it feels nice on the skin as well. It doesn’t have any polyester so it’s very comfortable. I can see myself living in these for a while now, I will be switching to these from my June Lake Verdugo’s. Those have been my go to pair since I got them! Buy these jeans at Trilogy for £230.

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  1. Lorna I LOVE these jeans on you! I horseback ride and I love how these jeans look like riding pants. I do have a favour to ask though….can you identify these jeans for me? I LOVE them and do not know what denim company they are by. I would REALLLLY appreciate it!!! Here’s the links:

  2. Lorna,

    Do you know which store?? I’m addicted to jeans so bad… and lit. go to shopping for jeans every week. (my work does not have any dress code so I get wear fabulous jeans everyday!)

  3. I’m not sure, I can only find them at Trilogy, I think they ship internationally though πŸ™‚ And that’s amazing you can wear jeans to work! Jeans are so much fun to shop for! πŸ™‚