Denim Review: J Brand Kane in Night Hawk

This weeks review is a guest review for the guys. The J Brand men’s Kane slim fit jeans in Night Hawk are being reviewed by a long time denim lover!

These jeans are a low rise, straight leg jean which are fitted but not too tight in the thighs. They fit very snug which is how I like my jeans to fit as I find them more slimming. The inseam is pretty long; it runs at 35 inches which is not the best for those of us with shorter legs so I will have to get these hemmed. These jeans have a zip fly instead of a button fly which is not really to my preference, I much prefer a button fly as it doesn’t keep slipping down. The leg opening is just the right size to fit over shoes too.

This Night Hawk wash is a very pretty, dark blue with lap whiskering. The whiskering is subtle but it’s not cheap and tacky looking. It’s done really well which makes it look as authentic as possible, especially as they were not created naturally. They look more worn in on the back than they do on the front as well. The rivets and buttons have a green rusting effect on them. They look kind of like they were pulled off the titanic at the bottom of the ocean which is pretty cool. The simple leather patch on the back of the jeans is also a nice touch.

The back pockets are true to J Brand’s style and are completely plain which is a nice, refreshing change. They don’t have any tacky nonsense on them which can get quite annoying when you are looking for simple jeans. The pockets are also positioned quite central which is good because the wider apart they are, the less flattering they look. It’s suprising how a really good fitting pair of jeans can change the way you look.

The denim feels quite grainy but of good quality. They are 100% cotton but they are a thinner denim which feels like it will stretch out quite quickly. I’ve worn these once and they felt like they were expanding a bit as I wore them from the start. That’s not necessarily a bad thing as it’s always good when the breaking in process is shorter.

Overall, I would recommend these if you are looking for something simple and plain. They would be a great pair for night time wear as they are pretty smart and close fitting. Buy these jeans at J Brand for $224.

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Jeans courtesy of J Brand.


  1. Sorry, but jeans are not flattering to you at all, also I would say they are hemmed way too short. Maybe they were so long for stacking…

  2. I think they look really good, especially from the front. Not as good as Nudie or Diesel but they are different. I don’t think he hemmed them yet, just tucked the hem in to the bunches a bit.

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