Cameron Diaz in Current/Elliott

I knew what these were right when I saw these pictures. These Current/Elliott jeans were my absolute favorite pair when the brand first became popular. I love that they are so light-washed and faded and the distressing is just a plus for me. You can never go wrong with an amazing distressed pair of jeans, in my mind.

Cameron Diaz was spotted making an appearance at the Young Hollywood show with co-star Seth Rogan to promote their movie The Green Hornet. She wore a pair of the Current/Elliott The Skinny in Trash wash. It is nice to see that these are a many seasons old yet Cameron still opted to wear them. I think this is one of the many pairs that Current/Elliott should re-issue. Buy Current/Elliott at Singer22.


  1. I’ve never understood why people stop wearing denim just because it’s from an old collection. Well, unless they’re just following “trends”, though I wouldn’t consider this pair part of any trend, really.

  2. I think people are always wanting new jeans all the time because they get bored of the old ones. I do get bored easily with my jeans but I have pairs from 2006 that I still wear if they are favourites 🙂