Britney Spears in William Rast

Britney Spears helped her son, Sean, out of the car as they attended a birthday party at Bright Child in Los Angeles, California a couple of days ago. Britney’s hair has really been annoying me for the last few years, I don’t have the best hair myself, but she always just sticks it on top of her head without brushing it and it’s always a mess.

She was wearing a pair of jeans from her ex-boyfriend Justin Timberlake’s line, William Rast. She chose a pair of their distressed bootcut jeans which she dressed casually with a striped top and a plain jacket. What do you think of Britney’s style? I don’t think she really has a style to be exact, she kind of just wears whatever she likes whether it matches or not. I think after everything she has been through, fashion isn’t something that bothers her anymore, she has bigger issues to deal with.